Question or complaints – where to go for help

You are important to us. We aim to treat you fairly and honestly, provide you with excellent service and help you promptly when you do have a query or a complaint.

How you can help us to resolve your query as soon as possible?

When you call or contact us have all the information about your query at hand or include it in your submission. If you provide all the details, it will speed up the resolution process:

  • The contract numbers affected by the query
  • As much detail as possible about the query so that we understand what you require
  • What you are expecting from us in terms of resolving the issue
  • Your contact details so that we can get hold of you
  • Any correspondence from Liberty Life that lead to the query
  • The names of the people you have dealt with so far, if any
  • The dates and times of these contacts
  • Any other event that triggered the query, for example an article in a newspaper


Follow each of the steps to ensure your query is resolved as soon as possible.
Start: STEP 1

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